DIY Record Desktop Organizer Tutorial

Everyone needs one

Have you been waiting in mute anticipation to find out more about this cool upcycled vinyl desktop organizer? Well, if you didn’t immediately go to my Etsy shop and buy it, then I assume you want to make your own. This project is a bit more involved than the record bowls I showed you how to make last week.

What You Need

Not pictured: black silicone and wine


  • Two records
  • Some of those pesky law books you have laying around (any excessively large book will do)
  • An iron
  • A towel
  • Some black silicone adhesive
  • A glass of wine

Okay, so the last one is purely optional, but I recommend it because you will be ironing for quite a while.

Step 1

Remove the cat.

Step 2

Put one of the records under the towel and start ironing it. It’s going to take a while to heat up the record enough to bend it. Concentrate on the area where you’re going to make your first bend, especially the area where the label is. That part of the record in thicker and it can take a long time to get melty.

Step 3

Put it between two books where your first bend will be and fold the record up. Hold it flat against the spine until it hardens. You might want to use another book to hold it in place, because the record will be hot at this point, especially the label.

Step 4

Go back to ironing, concentrating on where the next fold will be. Once it’s hot enough to fold, place the book where it was before and fold the other side of the record over the top of the book. Place another book on top of it to make it as flat as possible.

Step 5

More ironing! Repeat steps 2-4 on your second record (repeat step 1 if your cat has reclaimed her place). Try to make the folds at about the same place on both records so that they line up nicely.

Step 6

Put some black silicone on one side of one of your records. Line up the other record with it and smush them together. Either secure them with strong clips or use the books to keep them together. Black silicone takes about 24 hours to dry completely, though it should be safe to move and such before then. One warning about black silicone though – it’s nearly impossible to get off, so be careful when using it.

Sound like too much work? Head over to Haus of Ariella and grab this one for only $18.

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