DIY Record Bowls

Have some useless vinyl you don’t want anymore? Want a cool-looking bowl instead? Here’s how to turn your trash records into neat home decor. Be warned – this probably isn’t the healthiest project. Melting vinyl can give off toxic fumes, so make sure your kitchen is well ventilated and don’t do this if you have children around.

What You Need

  • A record you don’t want anymore (or one you pick up at the thrift store)
  • A baking sheet
  • An oven-proof bowl (or in my case bowl-shaped strainer
  • An oven mitt
  • An oven

This is actually a pretty simple project and doesn’t take long at all.

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 200°. Actually preheat it; don’t do what I do whenever I cook anything and just throw it in right away figuring it will get hot soon enough anyway. Turn the bowl upside down and put it on top of the baking sheet. Center the record on top of the bowl and put it all in the oven.

I told you this was easy

Step 2

Wait by the oven. Really. Don’t go far. You really don’t want to “overcook” your record. If you do, you’ll just end up with a melty mess and some ruined bakeware.  The time it requires to get malleable enough to make a bowl varies based on the record itself, what you put it on, and your oven’s calibration, but it generally seems to take between 4 and 7 minutes for me. This one took about four minutes, so check your record often. Once it gets nice and droopy take it out.

Step 3

You have to be kind of fast with this part since the vinyl will cool fairly quickly. CAREFULLY take the record off of the bowl (you can set it on the counter for a second if you need to). The record shouldn’t be too hot, but it has been in the oven for a few minutes so be wary. The center part with the label seems to get hottest, so watch out for that. Use some oven mitts and flip over the bowl. Then place the record into the bowl to mold it. You can manipulate the way the folds look, but be fast about it. If you mess up, just put it back in the oven on top of the bowl for a few minutes more and try again.

Don't take too long!

You can use different shapes and sizes of bowls to create different looks. Use bowls with larger bottoms to create more tray-like records. I’m hoping to get a baking pan soon to try it with a square base! Also, look for my post next week about up-cycling your old records into letter holders.

You did it!

4 thoughts on “DIY Record Bowls

  1. I’ve wanted to make these for so long. I have a bunch of old records in storage that are pretty much useless to me, and I’ve been saving them to turn into these bowls. As soon as I get a working stove again, I’m making these!

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