Can I Please Change My Wedding Venue?

Okay, so I don’t really want to change my wedding venue. We love the farm and are extremely grateful to have such an awesome venue for free. However, John and I went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on Sunday.


John with his eyes closed in terror because of the pteranodons...or maybe the vertigo

We were checking out the Acrocanthosaurus and saying how cool it would be to get married there.

It turns out, you can!

Dancing with the Dinos

It’s not that expensive either (in the world of wedding venues). You can reserve different parts of the museum or rent out the whole thing (only at night of course). This is the part you can reserve with the dinosaurs.

Third Floor
Exhibit Areas
450 reception
250 seated
Night only $1,200 

It’s only $1,200 to get married in a musuem…with dinosaurs! You can even use their tables and chairs for free. Considering that before my aunt and uncle offered to let me use the farm I was getting quotes back from a lot of venues that ranged from $2,500 to $5,450 for six hour not including rentals, that’s pretty damn good. Especially since those venues, while pretty, were sadly lacking dinosaurs.

How cool would this be?

We really have no intention of changing our venue, and let’s face it, we couldn’t afford it anyway, but I wanted to share in case any other dino-nerds with more money want to get married there.

After wandering around the Museum of Natural Science for a while (and me running through the anthropod zoo trying to avoid looking at the centipedes and millipedes – they really freak me out), we went next door to the NC Museum of History. You can also rent the Museum of History for weddings, but it’s not something that screams awesome wedding to me.

Though it might be worth it have this in your wedding album

Of course, like all history museums there were a number of pretty depressing exhibits, though they were pretty interesting too. They have an exhibit right now with photographs of child laborers in NC from 1908-1918. In the permanent exhibit, they obviously had displays about slavery, Jim Crow laws, and other awful things from our state’s past. They also had what must be the most horrifically terrifying KKK mask of all time.

Demonic Clown Mask

Yes, apparently klan members haven’t always been content to dress up like crappy Halloween ghosts. Some of them used to dress up like demonic clowns. As though anyone needed another reason to hate the KKK. Or clowns.

Despite that terrifying visage, it was a really fun day at the museums, and luckily I avoided having centipede or clown infested nightmares that night.

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