We Moved – Hello Saluda!

We survived the great move of ’15. For those of you who don’t know, we moved from near Brevard, NC to Saluda to be closer to my office. I’ve cut my commute by half, which is awesome. However, the big bonus with the move is that we’re now on 7 acres (and the landlord has no problem with livestock). The previous tenants didn’t care for the house and it’s in need of some repairs and updates, but we’re going to be doing a lot to the place in the next year. The house may have some downfalls, but the land definitely makes up for them. Here are some photos, but please don’t judge us by the boxes and mess. Hopefully everything will be completely unpacked and arranged soon.

The land even has a small apple orchard on it that’s apparently still producing. My (hopefully) epic garden will go in next to it. I know, I know. I’m getting started very late this year, but the WV bar and move kinda messed with my gardening schedule. By the way, if anyone local has a garden tiller, I would LOVE to borrow it to break ground on the garden.

Here’s our main living area.

Here it is from the other side.

The kitchen (I was in the midst of unpacking that most important of rooms when I took this).

Front room, which will house my office and a few instruments.

The bathroom is a little dated (and Carolina Blue), but I think some white paint on the walls will do a lot of good. I just wish I could drop a nice tub in there for baths!

The previous tenants made some, um, interesting design choices. This one will likely be the craft room.

The Dora room will be a pain to paint, but I think it will eventually be a guest/exercise room.


Our bedroom has the least interesting paint job, which is probably a good thing. We’ll just need to fix the closet and throw some white paint on the walls.

The view from the bedroom is great!

There’s also an entire floor downstairs, but it’s mostly unfinished at the moment. I’ll probably post some of those later (especially since Beth might be kidding in the basement if we don’t get a small barn up soon).

2 thoughts on “We Moved – Hello Saluda!

  1. So glad you’ve got lots of land and are closer to work now! A garden site is an added bonus!!! Just a couple of more days to finish the Brevard clean up/move and then, I can hopefully help with the paint for the new place!!! I think you both will be happy there and I’m looking forward to some fresh apple pie!

  2. Looks like a beautiful property. I am sure you, John and your animals will love the peace and quiet of the acreage. Wish I were around to enjoy some apple pie too! Your mom is a good painter…..so get her in on that project. 😄 best wishes for happiness in your new adobe.

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