Tacolicious Cookbook Review

Tacolicious Mexican Food Cookbook and Recipes Review

Almost two months ago, I received a copy of Tacolicious from Blogging for Books. A cookbook devoted to Mexican food, particularly tacos, seemed right up our alley as both John and I love Mexican food and make it on a regular basis. The book itself has tons of gorgeous, mouth-watering photos, which is always a plus in a cookbook. I felt that I would have preferred more recipes for tacos or other entrees and fewer cocktail and snack recipes, however we quickly found several recipes we thought we’d definitely try for dinner. Unfortunately, over the course of these two months, we have yet to try a single one. We have the cookbook sitting on the kitchen counter with those promising recipes marked, however, for some reason, we just haven’t gone for it. Why? Perhaps it’s partially the changing season. With colder weather, we’re more inclined to make a hearty chili or slow-cooker Mexican-style beef than tacos. Also, the recipes that immediately seem to be quick, easy, weeknight recipes are mostly ones that either don’t really require much of a recipe or ones that we already have a good recipe for. I make my own taco seasoning for quick ground beef tacos, so I don’t really want to make up a batch of the more basic taco seasoning in the book to try their version of the same thing.

Will we eventually try a recipe or two? I’m sure of it. The Tangy Achiote-Rubbed Grilled Chicken Taco looks delicious, but it will probably get made once we’re back in grilling mode again. However, I don’t think it’s ever going to be a go-to cookbook for us. If you’re the type of person who likes having parties, though, this book could be great. They do cover all of the bases for a great Mexican-themed get-together from hors d’oeuvres to cocktails. We keep thinking about having a small party over here, but then we look at the house and think, “Man, that’s a lot of cat hair to clean up.” Perhaps by Cinco de Mayo we’ll be motivated to both clean the house well enough for company and make some of the great-looking recipes in this book.


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