Wedding Dress Sale!

I graduated last weekend, which is somewhat incredible. Among other things, that means we’ll be moving soon. We’re still not sure where, but our lease ends mid-July, so we’ll have to figure something out, even if I don’t have a job by then. Since we might end up storing our things for a while, we’re trying to pare down our (okay, mostly my) collection of stuff. There are some things that take up a good bit of space and I really don’t want to store – particularly my vintage wedding dresses. As such, they are on sale for 40-50% off all month. The dress in the photo above is on sale for $93.00.

1940’s Long Sleeved Dress

This beauty that’s probably from the 1940’s is on sale for $180.00. I really hope that I can find a good home for this one. It’s so gorgeous and unique. It’s quite small though, with a 32.5″ bust. Hopefully someone petite will fall in love with it.

Short Lace Dress

Finally, this short, lace number is only $70 and could be worn well after your wedding.

If you or someone you know is getting married soon, take a look at these dresses. They’re a steal!

9 Comments on “Wedding Dress Sale!”

  1. The dresses are beautiful. Love the 1940’s one… gorgeous!

  2. So pretty! Luv the last one.

  3. Gina Crane says:

    Gorgeous dresses! I hope you find good homes for them.

  4. nan gates designs says:

    The dresses are beautiful! Good luck with the sale.

  5. Cindy Massey says:

    Lovely wedding dresses.

  6. Alex De Haro says:

    Incredible dresses, each one so unique!

  7. Mimi says:

    pretty dresses :) Good luck with tons of sales.

  8. Dorene says:

    Gorgeous options!

  9. newcreationz says:

    Lovely dresses. And what a great deal! Hope you move goes smoothly!

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