Our-mas: Our Christmas Together

We had a wonderful time seeing friends and family over Christmas, but it never really felt like Christmas to us. Perhaps it was because we spent Christmas Eve at a Cuban pig roast, which, while very fun, didn’t seem like a Christmas thing to us. Maybe it was the rushing around from family to family. Or it could have simply been the fact that we didn’t get to listen to Christmas music and watch many of the Christmas movies we love.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

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John and I hadn’t exchanged our gifts to each other yet, nor had we given the cats they’re presents, so we decided to celebrate our Christmas, Our-mas, yesterday. We slept in a bit, then put on Christmas music. I made bran muffins for breakfast, then we opened our presents. John knew what his big present was – I got his Rickenbacker bass adjusted for him, though we have to take it to another place to have it done properly. He seemed quite happy with his other gifts, even though two of them were kinda selfish gifts. The selfish ones were a huge drill bit set and this Doctor Who print.

Gallifrey Road from BrazeeDesigns on Etsy

I got an AMAZING present though. John gave me a Motorola Xoom tablet! It’s so much fun, and I’m already completely addicted. My stocking contained two 16GB SD cards for my camera – clearly my husband knows me well. The kitties got some new toys from BaxCatandCo on Etsy, which they love, and some kitty treats.

After the gift exchanges, John made a fire and we spent most of the afternoon watching Christmas movies.

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We also made Christmas dinner – a turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, and cranberry sauce. It was delicious and we have lots of leftovers, which I always like. I’ll probably end up making turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches for lunch for the next few days.

It was a wonderful day, and I’m so glad we got to really get into Christmas, even if it was a bit after the actual day. I’ll miss our tree when we take it down, though we’re going to save a piece of a branch in our keepsake box since it’s our first tree together.

How was your Christmas? Are there any holiday traditions you just can’t do without?

Happy New Year!


15 thoughts on “Our-mas: Our Christmas Together

  1. So happy to hear your first Christmas as a married couple went well! Now that you’re a family, you get to create your own traditions! Sorry, you had so much rushing to do! Hopefully next Christmas will be a little less hectic! Have a very Happy New Year!!!

  2. Cobalt and I had double Christmas. We spent up until Christmas Day with my family and then we flew back home on Christmas Day before driving to go see his family the next day. In the few hours we were home on Christmas Day, we had our own Christmas where we exchanged our presents. It was an epic experience but it was nice to have our little gift exchange in the middle. 🙂

  3. Oh we had a NY’s meal with plenty of leftovers- I love that too:)) Our Christmas was minimal and NYE needs a “take 2” – Your-mas sounds great, I hope the cats didn’t mind about the delay…

  4. You had a perfect Christmas. It’s isn’t necessary to adhere to the calendar. You had all the elements with your husband and the kitties. Lots of love there. The spirit of Christmas lives on all year long.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. We had a delightful Christmas. Quiet, slow, warm and cozy with a fire burning in the stove…and then we spent dinner with friends. My husband gave me new AT (back country ski) gear, and my parents sent me high quality silver polishing equipment! How cool is that?!?

  6. Our christmas was very quiet and lonely. Hubby had to work for about 6 hours, so that was kinda sad. But we have been alone so much in the past 10 years, I should be used to it. And like others said, the calendar doesn’t matter, as its about spending time with your loved ones!

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