The Honeymoon Part II – Not Quite Edinburgh

My last honeymoon post was about the first leg of our honeymoon – London. As I mentioned at the end of that post, we had to wake up early the next morning to catch our flight to Edinburgh. We got up, had some tea, and made our way to Earl’s Court station only to discover that the first train to the airport wouldn’t come until 5:58! Our flight was at 6:55, so we knew we’d have issues getting there in time if we went that route. We saw which buses went to the airport, but we had no idea where the bus stops for those buses were. We decided to bite the bullet and pay for a cab. But first, we took some photos with the only police box currently in London (to my knowledge).

Approximately $100 later (which, by the way, was the most expensive thing we did on the trip other than the airfare), we were at the airport in plenty of time. The sign said wait at gate 8 for our flight, so we headed in that direction. Gate 8 had subgates (8a, 8b, etc), so we thought that perhaps they just didn’t know which one yet. Unfortunately, when it was time to board, someone came out and announced that the flight was canceled. Really. Apparently, there was something wrong with the plane and they didn’t think they could fix it. We were told to pick up our bags at the baggage reclaim (they say bag reclaim instead of claim) and go to the British Airways ticket desk.

I left John at the baggage claim while I ran to the ticket counter. Of course, everyone else on the flight was there too trying to get on the next flight, which was at 10. End of story, we ended up getting tickets for a flight 2:55 – eight hours after our original flight was supposed to leave. So we wasted $100 on a cab ride and lost a day in Edinburgh. They gave us two £10 vouchers for our trouble.

At that point, we had about seven hours to kill before our flight. We certainly didn’t want to spend it in the airport, but we didn’t think there was enough time to go back to Central London, especially since most of the museums we wanted to see didn’t open until 11. In the end, we decided to get another Oyster card (we had already turned in our other ones for the deposit) and get off at a random stop that wasn’t too far from the airport. Hounslow Central sounded like a good stop to us, and it was.

Hounslow is a town in Greater London that is far less touristy than anything in Central London. We discovered when we got home that it was also Phil Collins’ hometown.

We really enjoyed just walking around, watching the town wake up. We hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we decided to head to a pub when it opened at 9:30.

The prices were certainly right – £2.99 for  a regular size traditional English breakfast, £4.99 for a large one. And they had vegetarian breakfasts for the same price (I eat meat, but I don’t do pork). The food was quite good and very filling.

My veggie breakfast was huge and wonderful!

We ended up spending a few hours there just drinking pints, watching the locals, and generally having a good time.

We made our way back to the airport much happier than when we left that morning. It was after 6pm by the time we got to our hotel in Edinburgh, and we were exhausted. Since all of the places we had planned to go that day were already closed, we decided to have a quick nap and wake up at 8 to go find a pub. Unfortunately, we slept through the alarm we set and didn’t wake up until 10. We were staying at a hotel in Leith, which isn’t exactly hopping on weeknights, but we assumed we could find something that was open and serving food. After walking around for an hour and a half, we still came up empty handed. Resigned to eating hotel restaurant food, we walked back to the hotel. It turns out that the hotel only served overpriced 10″ pizzas. The bartender/front desk clerk, George, was very nice though, and gave us the menus of the two places that might be open in the area that late – Pizza Hut and Domino’s. We decided to give Domino’s chicken tikka pizza a try.

Chicken tikka pizza is the way to go

The pizza was delicious, though it wasn’t even remotely what we anticipated eating that night. The Domino’s in Leith could beat the Domino’s in Carrboro up and take it’s lunch money any day.

We woke up relatively early the next day determined to take full advantage of our one full day in Edinburgh…..

To be continued at some point in the future, perhaps after exams :/

3 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Part II – Not Quite Edinburgh

  1. Well, it sounds like wonderful memories were made, despite the change in plans! Nice to venture off the beaten path every now and then! Guess you’ll have to return to get the complete Scotland experience at another time!

  2. Just found you through “long distance wedding planning” so excited you came to Edinburgh for your honeymoon, that’s were I live, it’s an awesome city. Shame your plans didn’t work out so well getting here BA are always cancelling flights to Scotland 😦

    Looking forward to hearing more about what you got up to here, and now off to read the rest of your blog 🙂 xox

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