Car Problems

I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently. I know I promised a follow-up post on the honeymoon since my last post only covered London, and I will deliver. That post should be ready this weekend once I finish editing some photos.

Things have been a bit crazy in Carverland recently. I took the MPRE and had to lead my sex offenders and the law class last week. It’s also almost the end of the semester, so I’m gearing up for exams as well. Orders have picked up in my Etsy shop quite a bit, which is always nice, though quite stressful at times as well.

Our most recent issue is that we’re down to one car now. John’s car was in its death throes and going through almost a quart of oil a day. It had many, many problems, so we’ve been looking for a new car for a few days. Surprisingly, the death blow came this morning, not in the form of a massive breakdown, but in the form of a conversation with our insurance agent. John got the car from his former employer, Darius, who said he didn’t have the title. So John insured the car and has been driving it for almost two years thinking that everything was fine. It turns out that in North Carolina, the insurance has to be in the name of the owner of the car. If it’s not, then the insurance company won’t pay anything, so it’s basically the same as driving uninsured, which is, by the way, illegal in NC.  So John has been throwing away money on insurance that was completely useless and unknowingly driving illegally.

John took it on one final drive to Carmine’s where he’s going to call a salvage company to pick it up (after beating the damn thing mercilessly). Tomorrow we’re going to turn in the tags in Durham, because the Chapel Hill plate office is now closed (possibly for letting people register cars that are in someone else’s name when the insurance is in their name). Working out a car schedule is going to be a huge pain, but I guess we’ll work it out somehow. I’ll probably be taking the bus a lot since it’s only an hour to the law school from our apartment via bus versus probably two hours to Carmine’s.

Our search for a car continues, but it doesn’t look good. We can’t really afford the full coverage insurance we’d have to have if we got a loan for a halfway decent used car in addition to car payments. We also don’t want to sink a lot of money into a beater car that’s only going to last a year or two. However, everything we’ve found under $1,500 is complete and utter crap. People are asking $700 for cars with well over 200,000 miles, bad transmissions, and no titles. John went to see a ’94 Geo Metro for $600 yesterday that seemed okay from the ad. John asked if there were any major problems or anything that would keep it from passing a NC state inspection and the guy said no, it just had some cosmetic issues. John went to see it after the lunch rush at work only to discover that the car was missing the side mirrors on both sides and that there was no glass on the driver’s side of the car. In fact, the guy had decided to attempt to glue back the glass in the driver’s window by gluing it directly to the metal around the window. John didn’t even bother to see if it actually ran because there’s no way in hell that pile of crap would even come close to passing an inspection, which apparently the guy knew the whole time.

The whole thing is getting quite discouraging. I’m doing a craft show next weekend, but at this point I’m not sure how I’m going to get there. I know we’ll figure it out, but at the moment, it’s a lot to deal with. Any advice?


6 thoughts on “Car Problems

  1. Good luck on the car hunt! Hopefully, I’ll win the United Way drawing of a new car and you can have my Matrix! Fingers crossed! Hang in there while dealing with the bus!

  2. Poor dear!!! I wish I was still in NC so I could take you to your show!! You might try calling some auto repair places. Sometimes they get cars that never get paid for, so they try to off load them for cheap. OH!!!!! There is a place in Zebulon, called Lizard Lick Towing. I know they sold cars. I have NO idea what they cost, but they do repo (yes, they have a horrible show on USA) I drove by it every day for 5 years on the way to work, so just shoot me a convo if you need directions 🙂

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