We’re Married!

Chilling in the horse pasture after the ceremony

We’re married! I definitely won’t say everything went off without a hitch – there were quite a few almost-disasters along the way – but we’re finally husband and wife. I’ll try to do a more complete post on Wednesday after my paper has been turned in (yes, I had a paper to write over my wedding weekend; luckily it’s a fairly short one). I had such a great time at the wedding, but John and I have agreed that we’re never planning a wedding again 😉

We were so grateful for all of our wonderful friends and family who came out to support us, especially all of the magical wedding fairies who prevented the aforementioned almost-disasters from becoming actual disasters. We love you all!

The next post will probably be quite lengthy, because I’m going to go into all of the bumps along the way. Hopefully we’ll have some more photos by then too! I’ve included a couple of the photos we’ve gotten so far in this post, so I’ll give credit where credit is due. The first one is from my cousin, Briana, who was shooting backup for our photographer, Paula. I’m not sure who shot the second photo, but it’s of my cousin, Brent, and his wife, Allyson, who are huge Whovians (who also brought some extra Doctor Who decor for the wedding, which was awesome). They’re standing under our Tardis chuppah, and yes we built it ourselves (which will be another post entirely). The third photo was taken by my friend from high school, Laura.

One final word about the wedding for today is that I am so glad we didn’t schedule the honeymoon for immediately after the wedding. We really scheduled it over fall break so that I wouldn’t miss as much school, but we are still recovering from the lack of sleep and stress of the week leading up the wedding. We were absolutely exhausted yesterday and all we wanted to do was get home and go to bed.

My awesome Whovian cousins under our chuppah
Bubbles are fun 🙂

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