The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I keep getting “helpful” emails from sites like Wedding Channel and The Knot reminding me that my wedding is only 11 days away. Why thank you, I didn’t realize that.

Fortunately, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. John and I went to the tux place and picked those out last week. We knew he was going to get a tail coat, but we thought we’d get vests in red or blue. However, there’s specific kind of vest that work with tail coats (full-back vests come down too low) and they had a limited selection of those. He ended up deciding on just a black tie and vest, which looks very sharp.

We went to Formal Wear Outlet in Hillsborough (also where I got my wedding dress) to get them, which it turned out was definitely the cheapest way to go. It was actually cheaper to buy them than rent them. They sell used tuxes for $99 for the complete set including cuff links and studs. Shoes were $10 extra. Every place I called about rentals would have been more than that once you factored in the shirt, vest, etc.

The only bad thing is that we’re buying them, but two of the groomsmen don’t live close enough to us to try them on, so we’re going by the measurements they gave us and just hoping they fit. Of course, we’re getting the tux for his fourteen-year-old nephew a bit large so that, hopefully, he won’t grow out of it immediately. So I guess there are two downsides to buying them, but if you don’t have any growing boys in your wedding party, I think it’s a great option. Also, if your beloved owns his tux, you can always have overdressed day, which John and I are great fans of. He wears his tux and I wear an evening dress for no reason whatsoever and wander around town.

I had a minor breakdown while sewing the chuppah yesterday, but John cheered me up again quite quickly. Right now, the only DIY I have to do is finish that and put stems on the flowers and boutonnieres. We also finally wrote the ceremony, so now we just have to write our vows.  We still need to get a final count on guests so we can estimate how much alcohol to buy. We’ve decided not to have a champagne toast since champagne is a bit pricey and people can toast with beer and wine just as easily. Does anyone know of a good way to figure out how much beer and wine to buy for a reception?


11 thoughts on “The Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. Sounds like things are coming together! I think you are a very brave and creative/frugal bride to be doing so much yourself! I am sure it will go well, and the main event (the marriage) will be great! If you run out of adult beverages, someone can now run to Ingles in Etowah, since the county can now sell alcohol thru the entire county! Best wishes for a memorable experience!

  2. Gaah I have to still figure out the entire alcohol scheme too. I’m afraid I have no answers to offer you, sorry!

    Everything is going to be ok. (This is what I tell myself many times a day, anyway).

  3. Wow, only 11 days, that’s getting close! That’s really cool that you got creative with your expenses for the wedding dress and tux. When I got married, I went super simple and only splurged on the food 🙂 After all, it’s about the love and the wonderful people you’re with!

  4. You might try contacting a local caterer for suggestions on estimating how much alcohol you may need – or check with a local adult beverage store and see if they have recommendations. I pray everything goes smoothly for the next 11 days – and through the wedding and reception. May it be absolutely wonderful!

  5. Eeeeee! I’m so excited for you! Also, I’m a big fan of men owning tuxes. Mr B-in-B wore the vintage tux I gave him for a birthday a few years ago, which was nice because he looked smart but not uncomfortably so because it was an outfit he’s worn loads before.

    As for alcohol, I was told half a bottle each, plus a toast drink, but then that was with a cash bar after free drinks so I guess you’ll need a lot more if you’re providing everything.

    Good luck with all your remaining chores. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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