Only 17 Days to Go!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, but the countdown to the wedding has begun in earnest with only 17 days to go. Of course, school started back last week as well, so that has thrown another hurdle my way. I’m glad the wedding is at the beginning of the semester instead of the end, but even with just doing the readings and actually spending the time in class, it still takes up a lot of my time. Between school and Etsy, I haven’t really had time to get much done, especially the chuppah, which is still a bolt of fabric in the bedroom.

The RSVP deadline was yesterday, but there are still a ton of people I haven’t heard from. Thank you to everyone who RSVP-ed, but if you’re one of those who haven’t done so yet, please go to I’m starting to worry that far more invitations went astray than I realized (I know of two that didn’t reach their destinations). So if you think you probably should have been invited (or are just in the Hendersonville area and want to come to our wedding), please let me know.

We went to South Carolina to see John’s family last weekend, which was a lot of fun. I went shoe shopping with his mom and sister, and I bought some super cute shoes. It’s always fun to go with someone who has similar taste. Best of all, his mother bought us an awesome cake/cupcake stand for the wedding!

We also figured out (mostly) what we’re doing for the deserts. There’s a place called Horse Shoe Cafe that does breakfast and brunch near where we’re getting married. My mom and step-dad went in a couple of weeks ago and had a cupcake, which they said was amazing. I contacted them and they’re going to do 3 flavors of mini cupcakes plus a round 10″ red velvet cake for us to cut for $123! Now we just have to decide on flavors for the cupcakes. I know John wants one to be yellow cake with plain buttercream, but that leaves two more. What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?

11 thoughts on “Only 17 Days to Go!

  1. Sounds wonderful, and look forward in when it all falls into place. I quite like carrot cake, but then I love chocolate now and again. Hope you have the rest of a wonderful time leading up to your wedding. Look forward in hearing all about it and congrats on all the preparation x

  2. We had the red velvet and it was delicious! Chocolate is usually a favorite too! Glad you found such a great deal on quality cake!

  3. Ooo it’s getting so close so quickly! Love the idea of cupcakes! I’m not a big chocolate fan… so… the best cupcake I have ever eaten was coconut! Mmm delicious!

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