The Wedding Bands Are Here!

Our wedding bands arrived today and they’re absolutely perfect! Originally, we were going to get these rings from Rob and Lean on Etsy.

They were the perfect color and looked amazing, but John started having second thoughts about the fact that the inlay is wood. I looked around for some similar, non-wood rings, but we still really liked the style of Rob and Lean’s work. I asked if we could get similar rings with a stone inlay instead and this is the result.

Our wedding bands

They’re titanium rings with a lapis lazuli inlay and they’re gorgeous! We had them engraved with “Allons-y 9/22/12.” We are very impressed with both the beauty and the craftsmanship of our rings, and Rob and Leighanne have been wonderful about answering all of my many, many questions. If you’re looking for unique, beautiful wedding bands, I highly recommend checking out their shop.

My band looks quite nice next to my sapphire engagement ring too!

Pretty, isn’t it?


That was the happy news of the day. We also had some very sad news this morning; John’s father is having serious health problems. Any prayers or good thoughts you can send his way would be greatly appreciated.

11 thoughts on “The Wedding Bands Are Here!

  1. Lovely bands! I’ll keep John’s father in prayer. Congrats and thanks for the link to their shop. I love the “junk rings” that they have there too!!!

  2. Love the rings! The color is great and they are unique, just like the couple!!!!! Best wishes to John’s dad.

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