Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early!

One of the Christmas items I’ve already listed

It may seem a bit strange to many of you that I’m writing about Christmas shopping in August, but the holiday shopping season has been a big topic of conversation among Etsy sellers recently. Many sellers, including me, are starting to roll out their holiday items, but I’ve been thinking about how to make sure everything goes smoothly this holiday season.

Before Father’s Day, I found an awesome mug for my dad. The problem was that I found it about a month before the day and I was having it shipped directly to him. I didn’t trust myself to remember to order it later (but still have it arrive before the day), so I asked the seller if I could order it on the spot and just have her ship it the week before Father’s Day. She agreed and my dad got his mug a little before Father’s Day, but not so far ahead of time that it was strange. Best of all, I didn’t have to remember to go back to the listing weeks after finding it to order it.

Treble Clef Earrings at

Since I found that so helpful, I’ve decided to implement Christmas pre-ordering at Haus of Ariella. Customers who request Christmas pre-ordering in their note to me at checkout will have their items sent on December 17th. People who order before December 1st will also receive free gift wrapping! Unfortunately, Christmas pre-ordering is only available for US orders. Since international shipping and customs is so difficult to predict, I don’t feel like I can guarantee that all international orders will arrive in time for Christmas unless the customer pays the exorbitant shipping charges for Priority International.

I think that this will be a win for everyone. Customers who are shipping gifts directly to their friends or family won’t have to worry about waiting until closer to Christmas when they find that perfect gift. Even those who will be giving their gifts in person won’t have to deal with storing the gifts for weeks – plus, who doesn’t love free gift wrapping.

I am also taking Chanukah pre-orders as well, so if you need a gift shipped in time for Chanukah, just specify that at checkout.

Dalek Earrings from Haus of Ariella

Of course, if you prefer not to take advantage of the Christmas pre-ordering, I will still be taking regular orders as usual.


4 thoughts on “Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early!

  1. Getting holiday shopping done early is simply the smart thing to do. I’d rather leisurely pick out thoughtful gifts instead of last minute scrambling for whatever is left on the shelf because I missed the time frame for shipping before the holiday. One of my girlfriends I work with at Dish suggested that I check out your inventory since she read that you would be taking pre-holiday orders to relieve the stress for your shoppers. I certainly appreciate it because I won’t be able to find everything on Black Friday. I still have to find an HD TV in a couple of months for my husband’s Hopper. Since both of the TVs in our home can get an HD feed, he’s been hinting at a new one for Christmas. If only I could find a place that ships those with a Black Friday price tag and without the packed stores and long lines. :p

    1. I completely agree! I usually find great gifts for people before too far in advance and then forget where I found them, so I thought this would be useful. I avoid Black Friday like the plague. I don’t like crowds and the really good deals are usually in very limited quantities. For me, Cyber Monday is the way to go for getting deals at the major retailer for things like electronics.

      1. This is the second time someone has recommended Cyber Monday to me in just a few weeks time; it’s almost as if it’s meant for me to check it out this year.

        Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding – hope it’s a wonderful day for you both!

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