Our Beach Weekend

I would have written about our fun weekend at the beach earlier, but I was too upset about the whole Amazon thing. I started writing this post yesterday, but then this happened.

The view from our balcony yesterday afternoon

We had a horrible storm that seemed to come out of nowhere. I downed a lot of trees including that one in front of our apartment. Oh, and there’s normally not a river in front of the apartment – that’s a rock lined drainage area that completely overflowed. We lost power around 3:30 and didn’t get it back on until nearly midnight.

Anyway, last Thurday we went down to North Myrtle Beach to meet my dad and step-mom since it was his birthday on Saturday. John and I originally wanted to go to the aquarium on the way down to see the penguin exhibit. Unfortunately, we discovered that the penguins aren’t at the aquarium near Wilmington, but the one at Pine Knolls (NC has four aquariums on the coast) which would have added an extra three hours to our trip. Instead we opted to visit Battleship North Carolina, which was on the way.

The ship was built in 1937 and served in WWII, so it’s a very interesting piece of history. Of course, it was quite hot in Wilmington that day and the temperature below deck was astronomical. We were marveling about how men lived on ship when there was no AC and everything was running. I can’t even imagine how hot that galley would get if all of the ovens and stoves were on. It was really interesting (if also slightly claustrophobia-inducing) inside, but we had to cut our tour a bit short because I felt like I was going to pass out from dehydration. Apparently they normally have a little concession area to buy bottled water inside the ship, but it was closed when we were there.

After wandering around the ship for about three hours, we got back on the road and went to Myrtle Beach where we had dinner with my parents, played pool, and talked until the wee hours of the night.

The next day John and I went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, but I apparently didn’t take any photos (either that or they were inexplicably deleted from my camera). Anyway, it was a fun way to spend a few hours, though many of the exhibits were ridiculous. Other exhibits, though interesting, really made you think that people just have too much time on their hands. Was it really necessary to dress that dead grasshopper in miniature Samurai armor?

On Saturday, we were planning on going to see some tiger cubs then heading to a car museum John had heard about before meeting up with my parents for a river boat tour. Unfortunately, the tiger cubs are only at Barefoot Landing between 5 and 9 at night (and it costs $249 a person to tour the actual tiger preserve). The car museum was really cool though, even to me (and I know next to nothing about cars). They had a lot of muscle cars and several older cars as well. All of the cars were in great condition with the exception of the Joe Dirt car.

After the car museum, we met up with my parents to go to Conway for a river boat tour.

It was gorgeous on the river and the tour was on a small electric boat, so it was more like having a conversation with a very interesting acquaintance than the sort of tour I was expecting.

After the tour we had a delicious dinner and went back to the beach house. I was determined to get in the water at least once (I needed to break in my new bathing suit anyway) so John agreed to accompany me to the beach. And guess what? He actually got in the ocean! Apparently it was a first, but hopefully I’ll be able to convince him to go swimming with me again in the future.

We went to the aquarium near Wilmington on the way back from the beach. It was neat, but much smaller than we expected. They still had some cool exhibits though.

I really liked the way they had some of the freshwater exhibits set up.

We also got to touch some bamboo sharks. They’re little tiny sharks – these were maybe 8-10 inches long.

When we finally got home, we saw this guy in front of our apartment as we were unloading the car.


Dad – thank you for inviting us! It was a really great trip and I hope we can do it again sometime!

15 thoughts on “Our Beach Weekend

  1. I want to go to some kind of Zoo soon. All these activities sounded like fun! I have yet to tour any ship type things though there is a sub thing nearby (I should go). Poo on the fake frontline 😦

  2. Looks like a fun weekend away! It looks like you still had a good time despite the rainstorm. Great pictures – thank you for sharing them!

  3. Sounds like you’ve been having a pretty dramatic time lately. Great pics from the aquarium and I’m glad you had a good weekend, but sorry about your poor cats and Amazon’s rubbishness. xxx

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