Help Me Choose an Etsy Shop Name!

I’ve decided that my Etsy shop, Haus of Ariella, is going in too many directions and I need to open a separate shop for my more traditional wedding items. I also bought a great vintage wedding dress today that is unfortunately far too small for me that I’d like to put in the new shop. I’m hoping to get a professional photographer to take photos of my items for the new shop, because that has been my biggest obstacle with my veils. I’m a bit stuck about the name though. What’s a good, unique, and memorable name for a wedding shop on Etsy. I was asking for ideas on the Etsy Success team yesterday and these are the front-runners. Please vote for the one you like the most or suggest a new one.


Thanks for participating!

3 thoughts on “Help Me Choose an Etsy Shop Name!

  1. Ooh, exciting! I just changed my shop name too, because I really wasn’t identifying with the old one anymore. I really like “You Are Cordially Invited” – I like that it’s not a traditional shop name, like Ariella’s Bridal Haus, and I like that it seems like you’re being invited into your shop. Either way, good luck with the name change!!

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