Updates Galore!

I haven’t had a chance to post much lately because I’ve been quite busy. The summer semester is almost over, so I’ve had research guides due and exams are on Thursday and Friday. Haus of Ariella also recently had it’s 100th sale!

Update #1 – the first of the wedding invitations have gone out! As you may have read earlier, we had some issues with the invitations, but Vistaprint is an AMAZING company and sent us new ones for free, even though the problem was entirely my fault. They sent them priority too, so we got the new ones in less than a week. We’re printing the envelopes instead of handwriting them because John and I both have atrocious handwriting. I think the font we settled on for them is nice though – it’s pretty and wedding-y, but still quite legible. Printing them is a bit of a pain, so I’m trying to do them in small batches instead of all at once. So far we’ve only sent out the invitations to the living Doctors (yes, we’re geeks), but I might work on the others later today and tomorrow in between studying (there’s really only so much federal income taxation one can take at a time, so I need to have breaks anyway).

By the way, if you’re reading this and want to come to our wedding, but didn’t get a save the date, it probably means we don’t have your address (not that we don’t love you), so please message, text, or call me and let me know where to send the invitation.

Update #2 – the wedding dress is progressing. I’ve actually attached the bodice to the skirt since taking this photo, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ll probably make some adjustments to it after I figure out how to put the invisible zipper in it because I’m not really happy with the fit. It’s been fun making it though, so even if I don’t end up wearing it, it’s okay.

Update #3 – we got a washer and dryer finally! Someone in our apartment complex put up a flyer for them and we got them both for $200! It’s really nice not having to schlep up to the laundry room and pay $3 every time we need to wash something, but we’ve totally messed with the cats’ world. Their litter boxes and food bowls used to reside in that closet, so they’re not too happy about the new arrangement.

Update #4 – John got a new phone. He was up for an upgrade, so he got a Droid 3 (which was free, because the Droid 3s are apparently horrifically old and out of date now). He was jealous of my R2-D2 Droid, so he decided to one-up me and got a Tardis phone skin and cropped his background to fit with the skin. Now I’m the one with phone envy.

Wet Lily

Update OH MY GOD WE GAVE THE CATS BATHS – we’ve had flea problems since Dave came to live with us. We recently broke down and spent the extra money on Frontline to try to combat them, but apparently we now have super fleas. The other night I got sick of it and decided to bathe them all. We were talking about throwing Dave in a bath in particular because he’s allergic to fleas and has horrible scabs all over. Honestly, it wasn’t really that bad. John couldn’t believe I did it by myself because when he gave Dave a bath, Dave tried to kill him. Lily was actually the worst one, but she just kept flipping herself over in the water, which actually made my job a little easier. Darcy made horrible noises, but didn’t really do anything. Jude is a Maine Coon, so he’s cool with water, though he seemed a little confused about the whole thing. Of course, we then had a bunch of pathetically wet cats wandering around the apartment for the rest of the night.

Mr. Darcy

Of course Darcy had to immediately go back to his new favorite hangout – the electric blanket in the linen closet. Luckily, we now have a washer and dryer, so we threw it in the wash last night to get the wet cat smell off of it. We still have fleas, but John is planning on putting the cats in the bathroom and spraying down the apartment with some flea stuff this week.

7 thoughts on “Updates Galore!

  1. Sounds like an incredibly busy week for you both! The invitations look great! Hope the cat baths help the allergy/asthma you’ve had!

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