When Geeks Decorate

Little London

John and I (okay, mostly John) are slowly starting to get the apartment organized and looking good. John said that if we keep going at this pace, we might have the place decorated and everything put up by the time we move again.

We put up our first mutual piece of art the other day and rearranged the living room a bit. We found this cool poster of the London Underground at a local store and decided it would look perfect over the mantel. Once we got that up there, we decided that the Tardis and Daleks needed a new home too. We thought that John’s gold mirror looked a bit pub-like, so it went on top. Then John then had the brilliant idea of hanging the photo coasters that my parent’s gave us for Christmas around the poster! Bonus points if you can spot the photo that doesn’t belong.

We have a vintage-style poster of the NYC subway system to put up too, but we haven’t found a good home for it yet.

If you missed the update to yesterday’s post about the typos in the invitations, Vistaprint is AMAZING! They’re shipping replacement invitations for FREE even though the typos were entirely my fault. Plus, they’re shipping them priority at no additional cost. The new invitations should be here in about a week, so I guess I should start trying to print the envelopes soon. If you’re wondering who to use for printing your invitations or save the dates, I highly recommend Vistaprint.

4 thoughts on “When Geeks Decorate

  1. We have giant maps that we want to attach to a cork board to put up on the wall to pin our travels together. Maps make for the best wall decor – especially when they are vintage looking or have a special meaning!

    A yay about the invitations!

  2. Really love the subway map! And the Daleks look right at home! Vistaprint sounds like an awesome company, one of the few left that actually care about customer satisfaction! Good luck on the next round!

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