My Wedding To-Do List

The Bitchy Bride recently had a post on her wedding to-do list. She’s a bit closer to her wedding than I am, but her list seemed quite short compared to what I think mine is, but it’s still in just over 3 months. I decided to write it all down to look at it and to post it publicly so that hopefully other people will remind me of things. Here we go.

-Finalize catering menu

-Figure out if the sound system at the farm is going to be good enough or if we need to supplement it somehow

-Make a playlist

-Talk to our officiant about the ceremony

-Write our vows

-Figure out what I’m doing with my hair and what veil/tiara/circlet/etc. I’m going to wear

-See if we need to rent/borrow any extra tables and chairs

-Come up with a rain contingency plan

-Address envelopes and send out our invitations

-Decide on the cake/cupcake issue

-Schedule a makeup trial

-Make my alternative wedding dress/reception dress

-Make many, many more sheet music and ribbon flowers

-Make Tardis centerpieces

-Decide about how long to hire the photographer for. Although I’d LOVE to have her for all-day coverage, I don’t think we can afford the $795 (though I know that’s a great price)

-Order our wedding bands

-Work on a first dance. I almost had John convinced to try this, but it honestly would be too much work

-Decide on beer and wine

-Make favors

-Figure out transportation

-Go to Hendersonville for my wedding shower at some point

-Get our marriage license

-Get John a passport! I keep offering to front him the money since his boss never seems to pay him, but he hates borrowing anything from me. I know it usually takes 6-8 weeks to get one, but I just want to get it done sooner in case anything goes wrong. It would really suck to have to pay expedited fees on top of the $135 for the passport itself.

-Figure out wedding party gifts that are nice, but that we can actually afford too

Wow, that seems like a lot. I’m also sure I forgot a few things. Do you have any suggestions or items you think I forgot?

5 thoughts on “My Wedding To-Do List

    1. Good point. I suppose I just tend to overthink things, but you’re right, some of those can be solved with a quick flip of a coin if we’re really short on time in the end.

  1. Hello from blogging team!

    Phew! That is quite a list! I think you have everything covered. I would say to pack a bridal emergency kit too; a little bag with things that can help if anything doesn’t go as it should. It could include a mini sewing kit, gum, rennies/tummy settlers, aspirin, plasters (band aids), hair pins, clear nail varnish or spare stockings… things that can get you out of a pickle can make a heck of a difference! I hope that helps…

    Congrats and good luck 😀

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