A Clean Living Room And A New Veil – What More Could A Girl Ask For?

Perhaps for my fiance to not have to work until 10pm on a day he’s supposed to have off, but that’s a rant for another day. Other than wishing I were able to spend the day with John, today has been a pretty good day. First of all, I got a new veil finished, took photos, and listed it on Etsy.

Shoulder Length Wedding Veil via Haus of Ariella

I’m probably not going to wear this particular veil for my wedding, but it does look nice with the rest of my wedding ensemble. I’m planning on making another satin edged veil that will be a three tiered veil with the largest layer edged in blue, the next largest in red, and the third is white. I think it would go nicely with our British / Doctor Who theme. Also, if my hair looks slightly darker that’s because it is. I had bleached it after the redcident earlier this year. I got tired of the roots contrasting with the uber blonde bleached parts, so I took John’s advice and dyed it to a shade that’s closer to my natural color. It looks slightly darker than my natural color, but John thinks that’s just because I don’t have any highlights from being in the sun yet.

In other wedding news, I am currently attempting to make another dress. I don’t know if I’ll actually wear it or not, but I’ve fallen in love with the idea of a tea length dress.

It would be this dress with some modifications. First of all, it’s going to be strapless and most of the dress will be white. I also want to lengthen the bodice and midriff slightly. There will be a couple of layers of red contrasting tulle underneath some of the white tulle in the skirt. I’ll keep you informed of how things go with it.

John chilling with the cats

Also, for those of you who didn’t know, John got a hair cut and shaved his beard. For comparison, this is what he looked like at Christmas.

I think he looks good both ways, though he looks a bit younger without the beard (and he doesn’t always look as pissed as he does in the first picture). And if I needed any more reason to love him, he cleaned the living room.

It looks like a real home

It’s not perfect yet – we still haven’t done much to the office/studio and the bedroom hasn’t been touched – but it’s sooo much better now. I probably would have left those boxes there until we moved again if left to my own devices, but this is much nicer.

Now I’m off to work on that dress!

4 thoughts on “A Clean Living Room And A New Veil – What More Could A Girl Ask For?

  1. I love the veil!!! And it’s perfect with the dress. I think you should stick with the dress you have, it looks great on you!

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