Bridal Beauty on a Budget

Many women spend an inordinate amount of money on beauty products and services every year. Why? Because as a society we’re kind of obsessed with appearances, and the beauty industry is more than happy to take advantage of that fact. Throw a wedding into the equation and even women who are normally fairly restrained about their beauty spending can go overboard.

Of course the most important thing about your wedding day is that you’re going to marry the man (or, in some places, woman) you love. But let’s be honest – we all want kick-ass wedding pictures too.

I’ve always had, and to some extent probably always will have, problem skin. It’s mostly under control now, though I don’t know that I’ve ever had a completely break out-free week. The problem is that whenever I get stressed out, it shows in my skin. My face is just now recovering from exams. And while I’m sure I’ll have a wonderful wedding, I’m also sure that I’m going to be a bit stressed in the weeks leading up to it. I know Photoshop can work miracles, but do I really want to Photoshop zits out of all of my wedding photos? No thanks.

Natalie from Wedding Planning Isn’t for Sissies recently had a great blog post about wedding makeup. She’s getting airbrush makeup for her wedding day and it looks awesome! Also, it apparently lasts FOREVER! I was sold on the idea, but I thought it would be way out of my budget. Thankfully, I found a place in Asheville that’s quite reasonable for it. Granted, you do have to pay the “wedding tax.” It costs $35 for regular makeup, $55 for bridesmaid makeup, and $75 for bridal makeup. I doubt they’re using different makeup, but I’d rather be upfront about being a bride than lie to someone on my wedding day. Plus I’m sure I’ll be far too gushy to not blurt it all out while the woman’s doing my makeup. The $75 does include a trial though, so it’s not that bad. I know I could save myself some money and do my own makeup, but this is one of those things that’s important enough to me that I’m willing to splurge a bit.

Have you ever written a long blog post on Groupon and Living Social deals, microdermabrasion and facials, home remedies for bad skin, and such only to get an error message when you try to post it? And when you go back, you find out only the first bit was actually saved. It kinda sucks.

In short, Groupon and Living Social are awesome – try them if you haven’t already. If you find a microdermabrasion deal on one of those sites, get it – microderm is awesome. And if you’re getting a microdermabrasion treatement or facial before your wedding, don’t do it the day before! It takes 2-3 days for your face to look really good after an intensive facial treatment. Also, do trials of any treatments you’re planning on doing for the wedding well before to make sure your skin reacts well to it.

Le sigh. I’m going to go shed a few tears over the loss of what I think was a pretty good post.

One thought on “Bridal Beauty on a Budget

  1. Bummer about the post! I’ve had a few WordPress losses myself. When I try to load pictures into my posts, it often resets. If I wasn’t brilliant enough to think to save before hand I often lose quite a bit. It is quite frustrating.

    My sister-in-law does bridal makeup, so we used what I already had and she worked her magic. It saved me spending any money on makeup and she did an amazing job. I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since, but have failed miserably!

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