DIY Floofy Fabric Flowers

Floofy Fabric Flower

Don’t tell me that floofy isn’t a word, because I think it describes these fabric flowers perfectly. I love the way they look on my Record Birdcage Veils, but they can be used for all sorts of projects.

Birdcage Veil and Upcycled Record Fascinator topped with a Floofy Flower

They’re quite easy to make, though it does take a little while. They also don’t require many materials. Chances are the only thing you’ll have to actually buy is fabric.

What you need

  • Fabric – you can make these flowers with just about any kind of fabric, but keep in mind that very lightweight fabrics won’t be as crisp and will require more fabric to make the flowers full. How much fabric you need depends on the type of fabric you use and how full you want your flowers to be. For this one, I used a fat quarter (18″ x 21″) of cotton. You can use remnants from other projects in coordinating colors too.
  • Needle and Thread – about 20″ of thread. The thread won’t be visible when you finish, so feel free to use whatever color you have laying around.
  • Cardstock – you need a square of cardstock that’s the size than you’d like your finished flower to be. You can use a lighter paper if you want, but I like cardstock because I can tell when I’m starting to cut into it instead of around it.
  • Scissors – I’m pretty sure you already have a pair of these.
This is what your cardstock will end up as

Step 1

Cut a square of cardstock so that it’s about the size you’d like your finished flower to be. This is going to be the template you use to cut your fabric. I used a 4″ square for this flower. You’re going to fold the cardstock the same way I described in my sheet music flower tutorial. If you need a refresher (or didn’t read it in the first place), this is how you do it.

Take one of the squares and fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle. Fold it diagonally two more times until you have a triangle that’s about 2″ on the shorter sides. Find the corner that’s at the center of the sheet (I often unfold the triangle just to make sure) and cut off the corner. Starting under the corner closest to the hole you just made, start cutting in a semi-circle across the top and under the other corner. To finish your template, cut a line from one fold to the hole in the center.

Step 2

Put your template over the fabric and start folding it back up with the fabric between the folds of the template. Cut the fabric around the template. Next, with the fabric still between the template, sew the thread through the fabric where the hole is.

It should look like this once it’s on the thread.

Repeat step 2 until you have between 15-25 pieces of fabric on your thread. How many you need depends on the type of fabric you use and how full you want your flower to be. I used 20 for this particular flower because that’s how many pieces I can get out of a fat quarter. Your thread should now look like this:

Step 3

Pull the thread on either side and push the petals close to each other. Once they’re nice and bunched up in the middle, tie a knot in the thread.

Congratulations – you have a Floofy Fabric Flower!


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