Soft Kitty, Sick Kitty, Little Ball of Fur

A healthier Mr. Darcy with his sister, Lily, in Korea

Mr. Darcy seems to have come down with a pretty bad kitty cold. He started sneezing a lot a couple of days ago, but I assumed it was just allergies (I’ve been sneezing a lot too). It got a lot worse the next day and by yesterday he could hardly breathe. He was siting in his cat cube wheezing horribly last night when we got really worried. He was breathing through his mouth, and his ears and nose were warm to the touch. I was thinking about taking him to the vet today, but I read some things about the feline equivalents of human colds and decided to give it a few more days. Apparently, the most common cause is a virus and there’s not much a vet can do since antibiotics won’t work on viruses. The common consensus on most of the sites I was researching on was to wait a week and take him to the vet if he doesn’t improve.

The cats have been banned from the bedroom in the new apartment. I miss having a warm ball of fur curl up under the covers with me (Mr. Darcy) or having a quietly purring blob sleeping next to my feet (Lily), but it is nice not to be woken up as much at night. We decided to let him stay in the room last night though, because we wanted to keep an eye (or ear at least) on him and we thought he’d be more comfortable without the other cats around. Apparently he wasn’t too happy about the arrangement though, and decided at 5:45 that he desperately needed to get into the bathroom. Then he demanded that I turn on the faucet for him. I relented because he was sick and needed fluids. I left him to hide in the cabinets while I tried to go back to sleep, but Lily and Jude had apparently realized that Darcy was in the room and wanted to join in the fun. For the next four hours, we woke up continually as the other cats cried and scratched at the door. We keep a water gun by the door for just that reason, but this morning it didn’t seem to deter them much.

Darcy seems a bit better today, though he’s still sneezing and has a runny nose. His temperature seems to have gone down though, which is a very good thing. John and I, though, are very tired. John is still at work (it’s 9:30 pm), because it’s a Friday night and the restaurant stays open until 10 on Fridays. Hopefully he won’t have any late night stragglers and will get home before 11 tonight. I’ve been trying to work on my paper all day with limited success. It’s a complete mess. I’m half-tempted to just throw out what I have so far and start from scratch. I don’t know why this paper is giving me such problems. I know a lot about the topic. There’s plenty of research and a decent bit of case law available. Yet I can’t seem to write anything that’s cohesive. Perhaps I should just go to bed early and start again tomorrow.

For those of you who don’t know what the title of the post is referencing, it’s a slight variation of a song from the show Big Bang Theory that Penny sang to Sheldon when he was sick.

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