Free Wedding Invitations!

When you’re on a $2,000 budget for your wedding, free is always good. We got our save the dates for free from Vistaprint (plus shipping, envelopes, and the fee to upload our own image – all of which came to a whopping total of $14.95). Today, I stumbled upon what could be an even better deal – free wedding invitations. The site that is offering them,, claims to be “the world’s largest directory for planning weddings, parties and events.” I somehow doubt that, but who knows. In any event, their invitations seem to be legitimately free, even the shipping. There are some catches of course: you can only get up to 100 invitations, there are only six designs to choose from, you can’t change the font, and you have to have guests RSVP though a wedding website that they host (though the wedsite is free too). We probably won’t be using them because we already have a wedding website which I made myself because I wanted more flexibility than most free wedding websites allow (I also wanted a Doctor Who background, which isn’t a typical wedding theme). We also already bought a Living Social deal for $50 of printing from Vistaprint for $10, so I think we’ll just design our own invitations and use that. I thought I should share this in the hopes that it will help some other budget bride.

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