Exams are the Devil

You may notice a drop in posts during the next two weeks. If so, just know that it’s because I’m slaving away in this hell they call law school. I’m really unhappy right now. And very tired. This coming week, I only have one exam, but I have four the following week. Plus, my 20 page paper for domestic violence law on collateral consequences for misdemeanor convictions is due on May 4th. I’ve been studying all day, but I feel like I’m not getting anywhere, which is made worse by the fact that there are so many other things I’d rather be doing. Like chewing on aluminum foil. Anyway, I’m not a happy camper right now.

I’m going to the Southern Bridal Expo tomorrow with a friend, which will hopefully be a nice break. If I have the time and energy afterward, I might actually write a post about it too.

I leave you with a very thought-provoking song about why you should never trust robots.

One thought on “Exams are the Devil

  1. Hang in there! Final exams are horrible events contrived by some sadistic professor years ago! May the force be with you! Have fun at the expo! Love, Mom

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