We Survived the Move…

…barely. My lovely fiance, John, and I started moving into our new apartment on Saturday. My advice for anyone considering moving is: don’t. Really, just don’t do it. However, if you really have to move, hire someone to do it for you.

When we decided to move, I told John that I was going to just put an ad on Craigslist for someone to help us move at least the heavy stuff, since I had a few items that I knew I couldn’t even pick up half of (I managed it once when my dad helped me move in, but I think it must have been mostly adrenaline that time). He said that it wasn’t necessary, because he could have some of his friends help. Last week, I asked if he had people to help, and he said that someone had volunteered to help us. On moving day, the person backed out though. I know that moving sucks, and I totally understand why people aren’t too keen on helping out. If you don’t want to do it though, don’t volunteer!

So it was the two of us with a moving van. I had trouble moving the ridiculously heavy piece of glass on the awesome vintage table and chairs his brother’s girlfriend, Susan, had given us, so I knew we were in trouble. I ended up finding someone on Craigslist at the last moment and we paid a guy $15 to help John move my 400 or so pound vintage desk (I’m not entirely exaggerating – it’s made of steel with a really thick Formica top), the mattress, and the new sofa. It may have been the best $15 I’ve ever spent. John still nearly killed himself with that desk, but at least he had someone else with him who was a bit more help than I would have been.

On Sunday we moved the boxes and cleaned, which was supposed to be a fairly easy and quick job, but took forever. We started at 11 am on Sunday morning and finally got the cats to the new apartment at 1:40 am Monday night. Thankfully Susan came out to help us for a while or it would have been even longer. To make matters worse, John had to go back to his old apartment after everything to feed his other cat (Dave hasn’t been neutered yet, so he can’t come over to the new place right now) and do laundry for work.

I will spare you the details of the move other than to say that we have now started a fund with our spare change that we’re calling the “Next Time We’re Hiring Professionals Fund.” Also, I am marrying the most amazing, thoughtful, caring man in the world. Did I mention that we didn’t even move any of his stuff? It was all from my apartment, which he also cleaned like a maniac once it was cleared out. And once we got the cats settled in the new place, he insisted on at least putting up the shower curtain so that I could enjoy a nice shower before I went to bed.

I know you are all dying to see our new place (well the two parental units who read this are at least) so here you go. Please excuse all of the boxes and forgive the bad photography.

Our lovely new living room with a fireplace
The other side of the living room with our new couch
The studio/office/crafting nexus
The dining area with our awesome vintage table and chairs

We have a walk-in closet!
Double sinks!
Unfortunately, the toilet/tub area is rather small
The kitchen's a bit small, but it has a dishwasher

We have a balcony too!
Mr. Darcy is fond of the bathroom

Lily likes the view from the new sofa
Jude is taking turns sleeping on all of the new chairs