Tomorrow is Moving Day! And Where Can We Get Cheap Glasses?

We are on the brink of a new era – we’re moving into our new apartment tomorrow! I’m really excited, but unfortunately I left most of the packing to the last minute. In my defense, I thought that we would have all week to get out of this apartment. We were originally scheduled to move into the new place on Sunday, but we moved the date to Saturday since we won’t actually be going to Hendersonville this weekend after all. Then I got a call from my current apartment manager. He asked if there was any way I could move before my lease ended  on April 25th, because someone else wants the apartment and he wants the painters to be able to start on Monday. Since I was planning on moving this weekend anyway, I told him I could be out by then. On the upside, I’ll get 10 days rent back. Of course, it also means I have to have everything out and the place cleaned by Monday morning.

Mr. Darcy is helping

Why am I taking the time to write a blog post, you might ask. Because I’ve been up since 6:00am packing and now I’m tired, hungry, and just want to take a break. I feel like I’ve been packing like a maniac, yet I hardly seem to have made a dent in my stuff. How did I accumulate so much crap? Why do I have three bookshelves full of books? Why are crafting supplies strewn about my apartment? These are the great mysteries I am forced to ponder now.

Another great mystery – why are glasses so expensive? I found a Groupon for an eye exam plus $100 credit towards prescription eye wear. I took John yesterday, because he hasn’t gotten new glasses in eight years. Yes, eight years. He has an eye phobia – he is terrified of things touching his eyes (which is why he will undoubtedly never wear contacts). He doesn’t even like things near his eyes, so he views a trip to the eye doctor the same way most of us would view a root canal sans anesthesia.

He made it through the experience though and luckily discovered that his eyes hadn’t gotten that much worse. His prescription for his left eye is -4.25, which is bad, but not terrible. It’s not that much worse than my right eye. His right eye is another story entirely though: -10.00. No, that’s not a typo.  -10.00, which is pretty epically bad.

After the actual exam, he started looking at glasses. He found a pair he liked for $69, which seemed pretty reasonable. Then we started talking about the prices of the lenses. The most basic type of lens cost about $60 and the cheapest upgrade was an additional $53. The only lenses they could make his right lens with cost $90 or $100 plus the base cost of $60. Then adding anti-glare coating cost another $70-120 depending on the quality of the coating! Even with the $100 credit from the Groupon it was still really expensive.

He decided to look online instead. I got my glasses for less than $20 including a lens upgrade from Zenni Optical, but they seem to charge a lot for the high index lenses that he would need. Does anyone know of any other good places to order cheap glasses online?

Before I sign off and go back to my packing, I wanted to thank Shannon Kennedy from Eurolinguiste for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger Award! I’ll get around to nominating some other bloggers once the hell of moving is over. Shannon is a musician who is also planning a wedding at the moment. She made her own bouquet with sheet music flowers too! Her flowers are different from mine; check out her video tutorial on her blog. I hope my bouquets turn out half as beautiful as hers.

Beautiful! I love the different textures and the Scrabble tiles are great!

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Moving Day! And Where Can We Get Cheap Glasses?

      1. That’s funny. We’re actually getting married two days after my fiance’s mother’s birthday and a week before his sister’s birthday. Lots of September birthdays!

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