Awesome Etsy Finds

My Etsy shop, Haus of Ariella, was featured on Flair For Fanciful’s blog today! I’m very happy about it and I think it’s a great idea. I thought that today I’d post a few of my favorite items from Etsy. If I had enough money, I’d purchase everything on my favorites list, but these would be a few of the first.

Bustle Gown with Corset Top

First up is this gorgeous bustle gown with a corset top by The Secret Boutique. It’s custom made and there are over 20 color options for only $449.99. I wish I had seen this before I got my wedding dress. No, scratch that. I’m glad I didn’t see it before, because then I would have been torn about spending a quarter of my wedding budget on a dress. It’s still absolutely stunning.

I love penguins!

Next we have an adorable amigurumi penguin backpack charm by Animorphicecho. He’s much more affordable – only $12. If I weren’t living on student loans and planning for a wedding, he’d already be mine.

Maybe I'd cook more if I had a cute apron

Let me preface this one by saying I have absolutely no need for an apron, but this stylish Americana apron by The SSSeamstress makes me want to bake a cake or something. Or maybe an apple pie. Either way, I’m pretty sure that owning this apron would turn me into a domestic goddess.

Tardis Cuff Bracelet

You knew I couldn’t do this post without including a Doctor Who item. This awesome TARDIS cuff bracelet is by Time Machine Jewelry for only $20. They have a lot more Doctor Who and steampunk jewelry too.

Your eReader really is a never-ending story (until it dies)

I leave you with this Neverending Story eReader cover by Grimcat Productions. It’s $58.95 and he also makes them as iPad covers. That seems to be all he makes, but it looks like he’s doing pretty well with them (199 sales since last year).

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