A Fun (and Educational) Adventure

I didn’t get around to posting anything on Saturday, because I was busy rephotograhing my birdcage veils with record fascinators. I also made a new one, which I quite like. I think they turned out quite well considering I shot them myself as I modeled them.

My newest creation

John got off of work early on Saturday and we spent the evening watching Doctor Who and eating hot dogs and tater tots (healthy, I know). I had gotten a Groupon for a 3.5 hour self-guided canoe trip in Durham for $15, so we were planning on spending Sunday doing that. Hélas, they require a reservation a week in advance, so it looks like that will be next Sunday’s outing. Instead, we went to the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham. John has been wanting to take me there since our first date, but it never really worked out until yesterday.

John in front of the Butterfly House

First of all, let me point of to those of you who have plans (or will make plans) to get married in the Triangle area sometime in the future that you can also rent the museum for weddings. It’s definitely at the top of our list of places we would have the wedding if we had the money and were getting married around here. I have no idea how much it costs, since you have to contact someone for a rate quote, but I’m pretty sure it would be worth it however much it is. You can actually get married in the butterfly house. Oh and they have dinosaurs too. You can’t really beat it. Unless you got married at the Doctor Who Experience in London perhaps.

Look! It’s River Song

The inside of the museum was cool, but I didn’t see what John was so excited about at first. They have an exhibit on the Space Program, some wildlife in cages, and lots of interactive stuff designed mostly for kids (but fun for us too!). On a side note, almost all of their wildlife are rescue animals that can’t be released into the wild. I felt really bad for the owls in the cage indoors because clearly there was no room for them to fly, but then I read that they had both had had horrible wing injuries that left them unable to fly.

We made some paper cranes at their origami exhibit (mine turned out somewhat better than John’s, though the photo sucks), and I realized that folding 1000 paper cranes before our wedding probably wasn’t going to happen even if we could afford all of the paper.

Mine is on the right

Then we went outside. It turns out that the main museum building is actually a very small part of the whole museum. There’s also a butterfly house and insectarium, a dinosaur trail, outdoor wild animal enclosures, a farm animal petting zoo, and an exhibit on wind. If we’re still in this area when we have kids, we’re definitely buying a membership, because we’re going to come here all the time.

I was not a fan of the insectarium (which is why there are no pictures of it), but that’s because I really dislike certain types of insects, namely stick insects, centipedes, and praying mantises, which are almost always prominently featured in insect exhibits. To me, one of the worst scenes in any movie is the bug chamber scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Of course, John finds what appears to be the world’s longest stick insect and makes me look at it. Shudder.

Much better than stick bugs

The butterfly house was much more pleasant. It was quite large and there were a lot of butterflies, many of which were quite happy to land on your hand.

We walked along the dinosaur trail afterward, which was pretty cool. There are about 9 areas with life-size models of dinosaurs.

From the little troodons…
…to the enormous alamosaurus

We also checked out the Escape to the Wild exhibit, which included several black bears, invisible wolves (John is convinced that the real wolves died years ago and the museum never replaced them, because he’s never seen them), and lemurs. The lemurs move like some mad man crossed a monkey with a cat. In fact, I was rather reminded of our cat, Jude, watching them (he’s a Maine Coon).

I think we brought one back with us. Oh wait, that’s just Jude.

After our little wildlife adventure, it was time for the train! We were the only adults on it who weren’t accompanied by children, but it was fun all the same.

This may have been intended for kids, but it was fun anyway

It’s just one of those tiny trains that they often have at zoos and such that just does a quick loop around the place. This one didn’t go all the way around the museum, but it did go by the dinosaur trail.

We’re still kids at heart

There were also some pretty cool pieces of outdoor art along the train tracks.

My favorite was the wire trees with blue wine bottles

We had a lot of fun at the museum and I highly recommend that anyone in the Triangle area go for a visit.

If you’d like to see the rest of our pictures, go to http://www.flickr.com//photos/78284347@N07/sets/72157629724300517/show/

One thought on “A Fun (and Educational) Adventure

  1. Wow, that was a day packed full of interesting stuff! We would love to go, and the two of you can be our guides!

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