We Found an Apartment!

Our new home - well not this building, but one very similar to it

We had been having some difficultly finding an apartment that was cheap enough for us and was still an easy commute to the law school. We also wanted to stay away from any complexes owned by GSC, because they own my current complex and I’m not a fan, but they seem to have a monopoly on affordable housing in Chapel Hill. On Thursday we looked at some apartments at Poplar Place and really liked it. We were having a few issues with cost, but I went back the next day by myself and looked at a different floor plan. I was pretty much sold on it, so John and I went back yesterday and looked at it together. We decided to go for it and put in the application. I should find out today how much our deposit will be.

One Bedroom with Den/2nd Bedroom

We got the layout with a second bedroom/den. It’s slightly smaller than the two bedroom layouts we looked at first, but that seems to mostly be because there’s no second bathroom. I love the fact that it has double sink and that there are double doors connecting the den (which we will use as a studio/music room) to the living room. The view is great too. It has a balcony that looks out over a walking path and into the woods. I should have taken some pictures, but I was too excited.

After putting in the application, we decided to celebrate with lunch/dinner at Cinco de Mayo. We’re never going to La Hacienda again. The food was great, the portions were huge, and the presentation was beautiful. The best part, though, was the fact that we got two great meals and a pitcher of Dos Equis for $35.

After gorging ourselves on Mexican food, we waddled out of the restaurant to go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to look for a couch. Alas, they’re closed on Sundays, but we went to Michael’s, Walmart, and Petsmart instead. We resisted taking home the depressed-looking, three-legged cat at Petsmart. John decided that our apartment needs a Tardis clock, which he’s planning on making (and I am absolutely thrilled about). I got some crafting supplies at Michael’s and more candles at Walmart, though they were out of the candles I liked. I found an acceptable substitute though and made a set of Star Wars candles that I put on my Etsy shop, Haus of Ariella.

Star Wars Rebel Alliance & Galactic Empire Logo Candle Set at Haus of Ariella on Etsy

I don’t have class tonight, so we’re going to go by the ReStore when John picks me up this afternoon. On Tuesday night, though, I have an appointment with some vellum paper and a glass candle holder to make a Tardis candle holder.


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