Etsy Advice Needed & Maybe a Contest

Beatles Guitar Pick Cuff Links

As many of you may know, I recently started an Etsy shop, Haus of Ariella, and I’d like some feedback on it. First of all, I started it with my Etsy username at the time, Ariella42, so it comes up under instead of I can change the name once, but I’m not sure if I should. Any ideas?

My second issue is the look and feel of the site. I’d love to have better photographs on the site, but I don’t have much to work with in that area. Any advice on taking better photos would be much appreciated though. I also want to have a banner on the top of my site, but I’m at a loss for design. I considered having a contest to design a banner for me with a prize of earrings, cuff links, or a candle, but I’m not sure how much interest that would garner since my blog is just starting. I’m hoping to focus the shop mostly on geeky or music-related items. There’s a vintage ring on there, but that’s the only vintage item I’ll likely put on there. I’d really appreciate any advice or feedback anyone can give me.


One thought on “Etsy Advice Needed & Maybe a Contest

  1. Your projects are beautiful and the photography is well-done. Congrats in your Etsy site. I’ll be sure to stop by and pin some things. As far as a designer, I’m sure you could work out a trade with someone. Students are great resources because they like to create branding campaigns to showcase their work. Check out your local colleges and see if you can find someone there. Good luck!

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