Send Save The Dates – Check

Our Doctor Who Save The Dates

I messaged my future-mother-in-law yesterday to make sure we have all of the addresses from my fiance’s side of the family and it looks like we’re good to go! Hopefully everyone has received them by now and there are no more to send (if anyone reading this thinks they should have gotten one and hasn’t yet, please let me know – I’m not the most organized person in the world, so it’s very possible that it was just an oversight). I was pretty happy with the quality of the cards, though they came out a bit darker than the digital proof.

Now on to the invitations! We originally wanted to make versions of the blue layered invitations that the Doctor sent in “The Impossible Astronaut.”

We were going to get the Tardis blue backing card and put a folded white card on the front with the date, time, and coordinates on the front and the more conventional information on the inside. The problem is that the company I was going to get the supplies from, LCI Paper, only sells packs of 50 for each component of the card. We need about 60 invitations. You can buy samples for $1.25 each, but we’d need 3 pieces for each of those extra invitations, so we’d probably be better off buy two packs of 50. We’re trying to do the invitations on a pretty tight budget, so I think we’re just going to go with Vistaprint.

We got the save the dates from Vistaprint, and we were quite happy with them. I got an email from LivingSocial this morning with a deal for $50 at Vistaprint for $10, so I think that settled it. If anyone else is in the market for invitations, save the dates, address labels, or pretty much any other printing, here’s the link

The thing I really like about Vistaprint (other than the fact that they’re cheap) is that you can upload your own design for your invitations. Since designing our save the dates, I’ve been quite keen to get back on Adobe Illustrator and try something else. Personally, I’m a fan of this Keep Calm and Marry On design. I’d like to take off the graffiti and make it say Marry On in the original font. John is less sure about it. The wedding isn’t for six months though, so we have plenty of time to think about it.

The other problematic aspect of the invitations is addressing them. I know etiquette states that wedding invitations should be addressed by hand (preferably in  beautiful calligraphy). The problem is that my handwriting sucks. It looks like it belongs to a third grader. My fiance’s isn’t much better and I’m pretty sure that neither of us is anywhere close to capable of doing calligraphy (though John is quite artistic). I printed the addresses for most of the save the dates (they’re supposed to be less formal anyway) and horribly wrote the addresses of the last few (I used all of the free uses of Word and I couldn’t get the envelopes to print correctly in OpenOffice to save my life). We could hire a calligrapher, but that would probably be pretty expensive. It’s not like we’re having a super formal wedding anyway. As John said, we’re basically having a short ceremony followed by a kegger. Any advice? Has society gotten to the point where people won’t be offended to receive wedding invitations that have the address printed on them? I’m somewhat surprised that addressing invitations with calligraphy has survived this long considering it’s a skill that few people have these days. Also, we’re not having envelopes within envelopes and 15 inserts, which seems to be what most invitations consist of. It’s expensive and seems a bit wasteful. Plus, we don’t want to pay $5.95 in postage for each envelope.

I guess I should leave the dreary and dull world that is the internet, and resume my incredibly exciting Trusts and Estates reading.


7 thoughts on “Send Save The Dates – Check

  1. Those are awesome save the dates! I love them. Congrats on making them yourselves! I am all for the nontraditional wedding invitations/save the dates/everything. I just think: it’s your wedding. Why would you NOT do whatever you want? I would soooo regret doing everything traditionally (though I am sure that is what some people want…).
    I think we are going to address everything by hand in our crappy hand writing. We certainly don’t have the money for a calligrapher either. I don’t know about etiquette but I think that’s what we are doing. Our invitations are just going to be 5×7 inches that we print on cardstock at Kinkos because I think you can buy some A7 envelopes that will fit the invites pretty well. Then we will also include an RSVP postcard in the envelope – also printed with RSVP stuff on the front and our address on the back. I hope it won’t be too expensive to send but I think it will still use a lot of stamps since we have to prestamp all the post cards…

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one with crappy handwriting who can’t afford a calligrapher. We might end up just trying to write them really, really neatly ourselves, though printing is so much easier and more readable. I think that printing your own invitations is probably the way to go, but I think that it will probably end up being a bit cheaper for us to use Vistaprint since I found the LivingSocial deal. We aren’t including RSVP cards (we’re asking people to do it online), so hopefully we’ll save a bit on postage.

  2. Thanks for the vista print deal – I was thinking about using them for my save the dates as well, so I am glad I got this deal before ordering! As far as mailing labels – My motto so far has been it’s my wedding so I am going to do what I want. I think it’s absolutely fine to print some kind of theme incorporating address label for your invitations. I’ve never seen Dr. Who but I am sure there is some design or typeface from the show that you can incorporate. Then it becomes something cool that you did on purpose and not like “oh this handwriting is sloppy”.

  3. We’re printing our own too. We bought some nice cardstock from Office Max, and the fiance is using his nice work printer when everyone else leaves for the day. Shhhh….

    I think the only thing that’s considered a faux pas at this point for addressing invitations is using printed labels. Printing directly on the envelope has become acceptable since there are some really nice fonts you can use. My handwriting is AWFUL, but fiance’s is okay. He addressed all the Save the Dates, but we’re also talking about just taking our printer to the envelopes for the invites.

  4. Oh my goodness you are getting married on my birthday. That is so cool – we printed our invitations too. I incorporated graphic design and stamping.

    Standard etiquette isn’t as necessary as it used to be. I picked a calligraphy-style font and printed the addresses on the envelopes. No one complained 🙂

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